Saturday, 26 June 2010

Inspiration for Heavenly Gardens Journal

The inspiration for Heavenly Gardens came initially from a lovely Saturday afternoon spent doodling in my garden. I couldn’t think of a more perfect or heavenly way to spend a few hours. It was warm and sunny, my cats kept dropping by and keeping me company for a while, bees were buzzing and birds were singing. I knew I had found my title

But gardens mean more to me than that. I’ve always loved being in my garden, be it actually gardening, or reading, or knitting, or having a cup of tea etc. My garden is my oasis of calm. It’s my space to paint with plants, to watch nature and to chart the passage of the seasons. It helps me to put things into perspective as it reminds me of the great cycle of life and that my petty worries are just that, petty worries.

My garden is a small town garden that I’ve transformed from a square of gravel with shrubs around the edge into a curvy, flowing, riot of colours, textures and scents. It is tousled, abundant and productive, with vegetables mingled in with flowers.

My artist’s eye is always on the look out for vignettes, so empty clay pots are not just stacked up but ‘displayed’, alongside old-fashioned metal watering cans and some of my own clay vessels. I hang charms from trees and arches.

I love my roses best of all. Even though my garden is small I have still managed to get 7 roses in so far. I love ramblers, climbers and bush roses, nothing neat and manicured, just alive with colour, scent and sheer exuberance.

The title Heavenly Gardens also links with my love of old cemetaries, the calmness, the serenity and most of all the statues. I adore the Victorian angels, broken columns and cherubs, overgrown with ivy. Alive with bygone symbolism and elegance.

So this is what Heavenly Gardens encapsulates for me. It will be really interesting to see what it means to the other 14 artists in this swap.


  1. This is truly beautiful,and your description in words is just as inspiring--I love your garden!

  2. Oh, I could do with your green fingers here in my garden. It looks so bare. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  3. Hi Shaz, love your garden and what you`ve done with it, especially your little bench and archway which has given me a great idea for my own garden!It`s spooky how much we have in common - I love to hang things from my trees too - and I love to wander around our local churchyard where the church dates from Norman times although obviously none of the headstones go THAT far back!I`ll try and post some pics soon. Oh yes, I know why I popped-in....will be posting your swap item tomorrow!Almost forgot to tell you!

    Have a good Sunday.


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