Friday, 10 May 2013

Blogger's Block and Other Animals

 Does anyone else suffer from Blogger's Block or have I just made up the condition.  Do you know that 'I have nothing worth saying' feeling, everything seems so minor to mention.  The thought that nobody will be interested in that and then the days go by and before you really realise it you can no longer hold your head up as a blogger, you're verging on being an ex-blogger ....  That's when your internet friends step in and offer encouragement and support, understanding your blight, having been there etc.  So thank you to all my blogging buds for the gentle push I needed and here's hoping that you'll be encouraged to continue blogging as well.

The lovely cookie above was made by one of the nicest library customers we have.  She makes them to sell for World Lupus Day, which is apparently today.  It is no more, I've eaten it and it was delicious.  I find it so lovely that there are people in the world willing to give up their time and effort to help others and that this lady made a special effort to come in to see me, as I'd loved last year's cookie so much!

 The cookie helped stop my craving to go back to Ilkley, North Yorkshire, where I visited earlier this week, stopping off at the world famous Bettys Tea Rooms.  A delightful cup of tea and a cake were the order of the day.
 I found a lovely victorian shopping arcade but sadly there was only one shop open in there, a sad sign of the economic times.
 The display of tulips around this church was amazing, and more amazing as I don't particularly like tulips or the colour yellow!

 We went over the moors, no sign of Heathcliff  I'm afraid

 and stopped off in Tadcaster, the home of John Smiths Brewery to partake of some fish and chips.  The batter is always so amazing in Yorkshire and the haddock from Kirkdale Fisheries was no exception, so light and crispy.
 I've been putting my extensive wallpaper sample collection to good use, decorating the chimney breast in my bedroom to show off the fireplace

 and papering a wall in the kitchen to try to increase the chances of selling my house, yup I hope to be on the move and escape to the country, but more on that, no doubt, in upcoming posts.

 Mickey remains indifferent to all the hustle and bustle going on around him.

 Merlin was just intent on getting some rays on the sunny windowsill.

 Hutchiebaby picked up some rays on the entrance hall floor

 and Billyboy insisted on supervising the paper hanging.

Archie was having a laze in the garden and I'm going to take a leaf out of his book this weekend!

Hope you  have a lovely weekend whatever you're up to!