Monday, 21 June 2010

My First Tag Swap

Finished these tags yesterday for my first ever tag swap, the only rules were that there had to be lace, a paper flower, an inspirational message and they had to be 6"x3". At first I thought that the size was enormous, but I think that's because I've become so used to the ATC sizing. I had a lot of fun working with alot of the embellishments that people have sent me whilst hosting other swaps. Thanks you guys :)

Now I have to get them to the post office, no mean feat as I've woken up with a very bad back and I'm hobbling around in agony. I picked up something really heavy yesterday, a slab of marble from the top of my new edwardian washstand. I kind of knew I shouldn't but I still did and now I'm regretting it big time. The washstand looks lovely in my bathroom - photos when I've decorated - that's some consolation. I think I'm going to hobble to the chemist at the end of the road for some painkillers and then sofa rest and maybe watch New Moon or the latest George Clooney, Up in the Air. So cautionary tale, listen to your little voice screaming "Do you think you should be doing this?" It knows what it's talking about, lol


  1. Those tags are gorgeous Shaz. Lucky Swappee! We can hobble around together because yesterday I was cleaning my wheelie bin, leant into it to get right to the bottom and felt one of my ribs on the left-hand side pulling!I`ve just bruised it hopefully but been in agony with it all day. If I keep on the move it`s not so bad. It only really hurts when I larf!Hope your back gets better soon.

  2. Hi Shaz,just wanna say a big Thank You for dropping by my blog.
    You've got some gorgeous tags to swap there!! take care of your back yeah...hope you get better soon.
    Hugs : July


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