Saturday, 3 January 2015

What a Year

It's been quite a year.  I finally found my little dream house in the country.  I didn't do too badly envisioning what I ended up with.  To clarify what I was looking for I decided to make a textile collage to remind myself what I needed and desired and hung it out in the old garden.   I was haunting Zoopla morning, noon and night and had almost given up when this house came along.  

I was totally stressed out, two offers on other houses had not been successful.  I was ready for a weekend off, no more house hunting and then this one popped into my inbox.  It's not old, but it ticked all the other boxes so I went, I saw, I loved and the rest is history.

Whatever the weather I never tire of this view .....

Then came the unpacking, choosing colours (always a favourite task) and then enjoying the results of my labours

There was lots to explore for the cats, a new garden to sniff around, new territories to conquer.  And they are so less stressed as I've only seen another 3 cats in the area whereas there were 10 that I knew of over the wall at the old house.

 Christmas has come and gone for another year.  Billy enjoyed the Christmas tree as usual, seeing it as a seasonal activity centre.

What will the New Year bring? What are we looking forward to?
  • More homebaking, coupled with some vegetable growing, there is a whole blank canvas of a garden to make over!
  • The summer house will be erected, a bargain in the sales, a welcome addition of some much needed shade on my sunny plot
  • More colour in the garden, it desperately needs flowers
  • More charity shop trawling and treasures to unearth
  • More visits to more cemeteries and more photos of angels
  • More rest - listening to my body and taking it easy sometimes and not feeling guilty about doing nothing
  • And definitely more creative making (an easy intention to keep as last years creative output was paltry as the very least)
A Happy New Year to all my friends and family!  I hope it brings you all you wish for!