Wednesday, 28 September 2011

I'm a Giveaway Winner

I was the lucky winner of the giveaway by Margaret on the AliceandCamilla blogspot. She sent me this gorgeous piece all the way from Switzerland. It is so beautiful, with lots of layers of details, stitching, maps, printed papers, lace, buttons, sweet little butterflies and an original photograph. I wonder who she was and why this photo is not treasured by her family.

Margaret also sent me this lovely napkin, assume she knows how much I love using napkins in my work, thank you so much Margaret. Your work will be one of my treasures and the 'butterfly gal' will have a new family :)

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Chloe Loves Crochet

Here's the photo of the wonderful crocheted cowl I got earlier in the week from my friend Anne of Nana Gogo blog fame and now she has a lovely Folksy shop called Chloe Loves Crochet (and Knitting). Anne is a great lady who I happened to be paired up with in a swap last year and we've kept in touch ever since. Her knitting and crochet is so so lovely, from cabled arm warmers, to hats with panache, to cushions to grace any home do pay her a visit and bookmark her for Christmas shopping! (Yes I mentioned the C word but hey, here I can, it's my blog, lol)

This cowl is just so snuggly and cosy, I love the pretty stitches that I couldn't do in a month of Sundays. The flower is a brooch so I can detach it and wear it separately from the cowl if I want to. The colour is Mermaid, what a great yarn colour name!

Just to illustrate what a sweetie she is she sent this great book of poems that she found in a charity shop and thought of me. Cat poems? Mmm, now who to send it to, lol!

Have a great weekend all. I'm hoping to get out in the garden for an autumnal tidy up. Speaking of autumn I nearly had a seasonal accident the other day. It was the first official day of autumn, the wind was blowing, there were horse chestnuts on the ground everywhere, I was bending down to collect them, bright brown and shiny how could I not, when a big conker fell and just missed my head. Oooo that would have hurt :)

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Latest Makes

I set to and made an apple cosy for my friend at the weekend. I'd never made anything like it before but it was surprisingly easy, using the pattern from Mollie Makes.

And I made a second Peonies journal for a friend to give to her sister (I'll up load more photos in another post). And as if that's not enough I've made various sample wedding invitations for another friends daughter. They are under wraps at the moment, I'll share them when I know which the happy couple are choosing, up till then Top Secret, lol.

So I may have been quiet on here (so sorry folks) but I've been a busy bee, honest. Also I want to share with you a super little Folksy shop run by Nana Gogo, aka the lovely Anne. I've been lucky enough to purchase a lovely cosy crocheted cowl from her, I've just not been lucky with the light as not been able to take a decent photo of it yet to share with you. But if you'd like to pay her a visit now her shop can be found here Photo of my beautiful cowl to follow!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Car Boot Treasures

Do you ever have one of those weeks when you wake up and seemingly, all of a sudden, it's the weekend and you wonder
  1. where's the week gone? and
  2. blimey it's the weekend and you've made no plans
Well that's been my week. Last weekend was different, I made plans with friends to go to a car boot sale, something I'd not done for ages and ages.

As you can see from these pictures I came home with a lot of treasure. Lots of ribbons, some sequin waste and alot of rubber stamps (I seem to be thinking of Christmas, lol).

Oodles of pieces of lace,

very pretty doillies and tray cloths, ideal for journals,

Wonderful old Sunday school books for collaged backgrounds, dated 1907,

Pretty tablecloths to use as tablecloths, and the holey ones for fabric, and a lacey skirt to tear up and use in journals,

Some pieces are just so sweet I might just have to keep them as they are.

As for the rest of weekend I will be making sample wedding invitations, reading and generally putting my feet up :)