Sunday, 16 February 2014

Hoorah! A Dry Sunday Afternoon

Mustn't forget to take this plaque when I move, I've had it since I only had one cat, the late Frederick Arbuthnot.

Step this way as Billyboy cuts a dash 

 Like your pink gardening gloves Mum, says Merlin

 who then appoints himself Chief Investigator for the afternoon.  What do we have here, prunings?

And in the watering can?

Archie strikes a pose in the sunshine.

Two can play at that game, have you got my curly tail Mum?

Billyboy goes for a bit of al fresco yoga.

Suck in that stomach Hutchie Bear!  Oops, failed again.

 No I wasn't chewing on your bamboo, 

well maybe a little.

Time for some garden tidying.

The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed somebody was missing from the garden excursion, Mickey decided to stay totally cosy next to the radiator.  Still too cold for the old boy, 17 later this month.

Hope you're having a lovely Sunday afternoon wherever you are!