Sunday, 27 June 2010

Nice Afternoon

The anticipation has started for my favourite rose - Jubilee Celebration, to come into flower. I didn't realise I had this cheeky chappy on the bud until I uploaded the photo.

My sister in law got a couple of these funky curtains recently and has given me one. Oh, what to do, what to do, any suggestions??

Here's a sneeky peek at the Heavenly Journal's progress, alot more to do yet and I have to post out by Wednesday, cripes!
Had to put a little picture of me on it somewhere, lol.

PS Also finished something for the Boudoir Swap today but can't show you that until Anne hopefully receives it later in the week, my lips are sealed :)


  1. How lovely! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  2. All in your blog is nice and pretty.Thanks for your visit

  3. Your 'Heavenly' Journal is so beautiful. did u collage them using tissue paper? its great to be able to do 'swaps' yeah. i will be doin one too. i'm very excited about it, just worried that it will be an 'expensive' swap becoz of where i stay. anyway, why don't you make a journal cover for that funky curtain or maybe sew a simple bag with that.
    can't wait to see your finished 'Heavenly Journal'!


  4. Your love of roses is very evident.....gorgeous work.


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