Friday, 4 June 2010

Journal Making

This is my first attempt at making my own journal and once I'd let the paper stand for a week, leering at me that I'd make a hash of it, I faced down that demon yesterday and set to work. I loved it. I'd watched a video how to on Youtube, (thank you Moriah Betterley ) a couple of times and got started. I used Artistico + Fabriano paper instead of manilla folders but the principle is the same. I also incorporated some flaps like Teesha Moore in her journals.

I found that I needed to be tighter on the stitching but I'm pleased with the final outcome. It'll have a new cloth cover on it when it comes back to me in about 14 months. This journal is going to be used in the International Journal Swap I've signed up for with 14 other artists. We all send off an A5 journal to the next person in line and then that person does a two page journal page on the theme of that particular journal. My journal's theme is Heavenly Gardens. I now have to make a temporary cover and sign in page. I'm so looking forward to this swap, there are some really interesting themes to tackle and I'm really excited. I've been looking to join one of these types of swap since I read True Colors.

Thank you so much of your kindness and support about my little Anya cat going missing. I'm afraid she is still not back but I've not given up hope. I'd like to think she's found herself a nice male slave/owner, she's always prefered men, but just wish she could send me a postcard.


  1. I'm so sorry your little one is missing. Sometimes Gemma disappears for a day or two and I get so very scared, but she comes home. My friends cat disappeared for weeks, then she got a phone call to say that he'd turned up in a nice lady's garden. Right as rain. Keep your spirits up. Thank you for your lovely comments over at my blog. I'm really enjoying reading yours. The ATCs are calling to me!! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  2. Cats don't have a way of wandering off and finding their way home...I know! I am still looking forward to reading about the homecoming, and hoping it's soon. All good thoughts your way!
    Your journal looks wonderful & the swap sounds like so much fun. I have a good friend that makes journals also, and posted a pic on my blog of one she sent me if you're interested in taking a look.
    Happy weekend!

  3. Thank you very much for your visit.Meet you has been a pleasure.I think adelfas will not grow very well in UK, but you have other beautiful plants there!.Love


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