Wednesday, 9 June 2010

And Finally She Flowers

Finally my peony is flowering, normally she flowers in May and gets dashed to bits by the heavy showers in May. But this year she stayed in tight buds through the unusual heatwave in May and now has opened out. Hooray I thought, I'll be able to enjoy her spectacle for longer this year. But no, the heavy showers have migrated as well and as I type I can hear the heavens opening and the heaviest raindrops descending to dash her petals to the ground. Maybe I should construct some kind of peony umbrella next year or am I becoming slightly obsessive, you be the judge :)


  1. My climbing roses begin flowering in June and almost each year a lot of roses are destroyed by bad weather.
    Your peony is gorgeous !
    Best wishes,

  2. Gorgeous!
    When you construct that peony umbrella, can you please make windshield wipers for my glasses? :)

  3. I have the biggest flower heads ever on my peony's this year and also get frustrated when the heavens open and they are so battered.I wish there was a solution they are so beautiful. I have dark red and cream, I want some like yours and a very pretty lilac one I have seen .

  4. I find it so hard to decide...'to cut or not to cut?' Shall I enjoy them in my garden or in my sitting room? You can bet your bottom dollar if I leave them outside I huge rainstorm comes and spoils them! You see...I'm obsessed too!!! It's the same with my big poppies!! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  5. I know what your mean...They are just so gorgeous...mine also got pelted and only lasted a couple of days. Its the same with the four lilac trees I have they flower for such a short time, you blink and they turn all brown! Mother nature is such a tease!
    Deborah x

  6. Your peonia is beautiful,I tryed with peonias in my garden but it was imposible...too hot and wind called "levante"...very dry and warm.Love

  7. Stunning!. The rain has done for mine too. I think maybe we just have to enjoy them for the short time they are flowering for.


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