Sunday, 24 June 2012

My First Fabric Bag

I went to a bag making workshop yesterday and made this bag.  I nipped out between rain showers today to photograph it.  I used a Sanderson fabric remenant in a soft floral design for the outside and used a cream cotton for the lining.  Just taken it out for a spin and it functions really well, plenty of room.  I might make the next one (yes, there will be a next one as throughly enjoyed making this one) with slightly longer handles so it can go comfortably, on my shoulder and I might round the corners, but really pleased with my first effort.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Floral Abundance, Machete Soon Needed

 The heavy rainfall and the relative warmth of the season has meant that the plants in my garden have just grown with abundance.  The borders are full to the brim and I love it.  All the shapes, colours and perfumes are a delight so I thought I'd share a few with you

 The first year my poppy has flowered.  Parts of it look just like velvet.

 My alltime favourite rose - Jubilee Celebration, I bet David Austen's sold a few of those this year :)

 My astrantias, unassuming but so exquiste, think these are Roma.

 Just a rambler from the local DIY store, so clean, crisp and perfect.

 My long awaited peony, normally well over by this time in the year.

 Pretty ground cover with this hardy geranium.

 This wonderful dark leaved shrub is flowering, no idea what it is but I love it

 My varigated jasmine is in bud.
And I had to finish with another rose, this time St Swithun, softly perfumed.  Now I just need some warm days to get out there and enjoy the garden :)

Embroidered Picture

 I made a little embroidered picture yesterday for my little niece.  I used scraps of fabric and stitch to create an initial 'B' and made a little flower motif with cotton scraps, organza and buttons.

I mounted it on a little square canvas, painting the sides to tone with the fabrics.  Hope she likes it!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Pincushion Received

Georgina, my swap partner had really done her homework, finding out what I like. She made me two gorgeous pincushions, one this lovely cat which is way too nice for pins, it's even weighted in the bottom so it stands up straight

 And this lovely round on with lush fabrics that are very shabby chic, this one is now in use :)  They are both so sweet.  She also sent me a great book on plants together with a Simon's Cat card - I just love Simon's Cat.  So big, big thanks to Georgina for a fabulous swap.

Talking of plants, my little garden is bursting at the seams with greenery and the mock orange and the roses's perfume hits you as you step outside.  Just waiting for the peony to flower.....

Hope everyone has some enjoyment in the sun, like Merlin, this weekend x

Friday, 8 June 2012

Scrappy Journal

 I've finally got around to binding my Scrappy Journal, made using scraps of fabric and scraps of coloured watercolour paper left over from my larger journals.

The paper on it's own would have made tiny signatures so I used lengths of scrap fabric sewn on as kind of hinges.  I like how when you turn the pages you get flashes of these fabric scraps as well as them being visible on the outside.

 I used a combination of binding techniques from Mary Ann Moss on the Full Tilt Boogie class and the very helpful instructions supplied by Lynn Holland, photoing pages from a book for me, so kind.

 Whilst I love this little book I feel it is somehow naked and in need of either a little sac bag, so I can carry it with me easily, or maybe a wrap so it can be carried with some art supplies.  I feel another project coming on.....
I picked the first roses from my garden yesterday - St Swithun and Zephirine Drouhin, both beautifully perfumed, ahhhhhh.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Collage, Transfers and Stitch

I've been playing around with my Lazertran silk transfers from class.  I made a paper collage from my photos of clematis, sweet peas and a statue from Brompton Cemetery and transfered it onto silk.  I then basted it onto pink silk so that it glowed pink through the white silk.  I then began hand stitching on it and then discovered that I hadn't set it by ironing it and some of the transfer has rubbed off but I quite like the distressed effect.

I ironed this piece to set it properly and lost so of it's brightness but also the kind of plasticy finish so overall think I prefer Lazertran used properly.  This collage was using roses from the David Austin catalogue, cut up into squares. Not sure that I like the big flower on the side, I might get out the unpicker and do something else in it's place.

I used machine embroidery to write Summer in pink.  I picked out the squares either with embroidery, organza or buttons.
I really like the soft effect on the silk, which also has a nice gentle sheen.

Pincushion Revealed

I can finally reveal the pincushion I made for the swap on the right as my partner Georgina has received it.  I patchworked 6 pieces of floral fabric together for the top and used a pink felt for the base.  I couched a decorative braid around the join and put a couple of buttons in the middle.

I received a lovely surprise last week, a parcel out of the blue, from Anne of NanaGoGo fame.  It contained some lovely fabric swatches, a mass of embroidery silks (some being used this very afternoon) and a pretty card.  I think Anne knows me well, big smile.  Big thanks again Anne, now I must away and get on with my stitching!