Sunday, 20 June 2010

Bill Biggles Progress

I've finally managed to get a nice photo of Bill, think he was tired because he stayed where he was until I'd run and got my camera. He's a real teenager, all long legs, long tail, big paws and ears, all gawky and full of life. Forget breakfast he's off out the cat flap, then he'll come back, give a little delightful chirp and have his biscuits.

He still has the adorable eyebrow whiskers that set him apart in the shelter. He still bites but not as much and never in temper, he's playing but is a bit rough, ouch! In short I love him to bits, a real character.


  1. Bill is gorgeous. I think you're going to make each other very happy! I love that chirpy noise they do! Jessie does it when she brings a bird in though which isn't so good! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  2. Bill is so cute !
    I love his white whiskers !
    Nice week,

  3. Bill is so good looking. Oh how I love it when they come in and chirp 'hello!'
    I have added my link to your blog. This is a first. I shall have to find out how to do that on my blog. SO much to little time!

  4. What a cutie!

    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog!

    Barbara :)


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