Tuesday, 14 February 2012

It's getting fatter

My journal that is! Finally found some time to get back to decorating and embellishing some more pages in my journal.

I only started it in August! Maybe I'll have it done by this coming August :-)

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Busy Week

We've been painting and embroidering on tyvek at my machine embroidery class using tulips as our inspiration. I was supposed to be learning how to do granite stitch but it looks more like scribble, lol. Still that's why I'm in a class, to learn. Then the tutor suggested I try writing my name. It's not easy but I was really pleased it's readable if not the most smooth writing, must practise, practise, practise!

Finally finished and delivered my friends wedding invitations. Here are a selection.

Whilst ripping up a vintage song book for the invitations I came across a song called 'Billy Boy' and I think the description is quite apt for my own Billyboy, lol.

Here he is having a well earned rest. It's a hard life being an inquisitive young cat don't you know! Purrs till next time.....

Welcome to the new boy - Hutch

Hutch is a 9 year old boy who was in a rescue centre, looking for a home. What could I do, I had to say yes :-) He's a very shy boy, totally the opposite to the others, and he spent the first 30 hours behind the tv when I bought him home. Now, nearly two weeks later he's coming out of the front room and wandering about with the others, hissing and growling abit but he's getting there. He loves sitting at my side and being stroked so what more could I ask for :-)