Thursday, 23 August 2012

Post Craft Fair High

 The craft fair on Saturday went very well.  I met a lot of lovely people, had some great feedback and sold a lot more than I'd thought.  So all in all, a very successful day after a lot of hard work.  I can't wait to do it again!
 Some of my journals remain unsold so I'm going to try to set up an internet shop sometime soon but in the meantime I'll sell direct from my Facebook page via Paypal.  (If you 'like' my page you'll get my facebook updates appearing on your home page).

 I had two great helpers on Saturday, friends who went above and beyond the call of duty so I decided to make them a couple of brooches to say thank you.

I discovered Bojangle Beads in Loughborough last week, a very friendly and totally inspiring bead shop that also do mail order.  One of my friends had asked me to make her a kilt pin brooch for Christmas, as she spotted on there, and well, I couldn't wait to make one! 

Friday, 17 August 2012

Craft Fair Here I Come

 Out of creative chaos has come forth....

 fabric hearts, made from old embroidered napkins and salvaged materials, together with a dash of vintage images, lace and buttons....

little fabric collages, mounted on recycled cards....

here they are before mounting, and

a stack of decorated fabric journals.

With many thanks to PG tips for the copious amounts of tea I've drunk, the support of my cats, friends and family who put up with my creative antics and for the Co-op for supplying that cheap, but ultimately, very drinkable, Soave at the end of an exhausting creative day.  I couldn't have done it without you!

Seriously though, whilst it has been long hours this week (I've taken the week off from my paid employment) I've really enjoyed it.  Nearly done, just got some business cards to make, paper bags to decorate, a lampshade to make (don't ask, just had another idea and think it might look good), get all packed up and might get to sit down at some point this evening.  Wish me luck!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Heavenly Gardens Journal Returns Home

 I joined an International Journal Round Robin back in June 2010 and my journal entitled Heavenly Gardens returned home a couple of days ago.  Here it was back then, and here it is now, all fat and overflowing with gorgeous artwork!  It really is amazing, a real treasure so I thought I'd share it with you here.

It's been around the world, to USA, Australia, the Netherlands and Ireland in it's travels.

 Here is the post where I shared my inspiration for this journal

 I created the little pocket at the front of the journal to hold paper seed markers which acted as the sign in sheet for the artists and they decorated them with a riot of fibres, threads, charms, beads, foliage and flowers.
 Clairester - page dedicated to her  Aunt Molly

The pages are all fabulous, each artist adding their own unique take on my theme.  The last entry smells divine, with a piece of lavender from her garden.  I could comment on each page but I think that the image speaks for itself - showing the wonderful creative and giving minds of the ladies who have and still are participating in this adventure, (I think my journal is the first to make it back home, some are still travelling and at least a couple I have yet to work in).

So a very big shout out to these talented ladies - Gabby, Lynda, Clairester - dedicated to her Aunt Molly, Vera, Lizzie, Milliande, Antje, Louise, Tike, Toos, Helen and last but not least the most dedicated organiser you could hope to work with, Monika.  It's been a pleasure ladies, I'm so happy to have 'met' you and I'm blown away by your creativity and generousity of time and energy.  If you are ever up for another Round Robin just let me know....

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Journals and Collages

 I've been making fabric journals for my first craft fair in a couple of weeks and loving every minute of it.

 Lots of lovely lace, torn edges and tea dying :)

 Building up the layers of interest

 I had a quick wander around a local car boot at the weekend and came across these lovely aged books which will find their way into my art work at some point I'm sure.

Working on simple fabric collages to top lavender bags, think I have a vintage pets theme going on, lol.