Monday, 23 April 2012

Been Doing My Homework

But first I had to make a journal to put my homework in.  Whilst I love making journals I think it's probably more of a reaction to when I was at university and we were told what size sketchbook to use and we weren't allowed to decorate them which was crazy beings as we were doing a creative degree.  Enough said, rant over.

The theme for this term's embroidery class is Summer so I immediately thought of gardens (and daytrips to cemeteries) so I used pages from old gardening books and some of my stash of floral wallpapers.

I began playing around with fabric transfer paints.  When I was in class a stray thread had got in the way of the transfer but I liked the happy accident so decided to explore that further, using threads, lace and gauze as masks.

 I also painted a clematis design and transferred that to cream poly-cotton fabric, ready to embroider. 


  1. Wow, very pretty! I love your experiments! Thanks for sharing this inspiration. And schools have stupid rules sometimes (decided not to share my rants, lol).

  2. Lovely journal! I think there is nothing better than making one! :)

  3. You amaze me ,you always come up with such interesting ideas.

  4. Always fun to come here and see what you have been doing... Your experiments are absolutely fascinating. LOVE your creativity!

    Hope your day is going great!


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