Monday, 7 May 2012

Another Rainy Bank Holiday

But are my spirits dampened, well just a bit but only because I've come down with a cold and I'm feeling sorry for myself.  Still, playing around with my free motion embroidery foot and some transfer paints sure raised my spirits again.  I'm along way from being proficient but luckily I don't mind it being a bit loose.

And I've made some birds to put on my deconstructed lampshade.   I'm loving all the lovely little floral prints I got from Fabric Guild.

Hoping you're having drier and happier times wherever you are.  What have you been creating recently??


  1. Lovely work Sharon! I recognise the Spool Bird Pattern there! I love it! Made a few myself. Love the fabrics you've used...making me want to do some more! Hope you soon feel better Sweetie Pie! xxxx

  2. Thanks Amanda, I'd been trying to remember where I got the pattern from. If you do make some more let me know, love to see them :)

  3. You are going to have so much fun with the embroidery foot and I hope that you share your many projects to inspire us. I do love the birds and am anxious to see the lamp shade. I am sitting here wondering what it will look like. Sorry you have cold; never fun any time of the year. And while the UK, as I hear, has had a lot of rain, we are getting our first really rain of the spring--weeks and weeks late. It has been very, very dry and our farmers need plenty to get the corn growing. Happy sewing.

  4. I am jealous you seem to have mastered the art of text and free motion ,something I struggle with.
    It has rained non stop today,but I guess we need it.

  5. Sharon your clematis are so beautifully made and so are your birds,hope you are feeling better, wish you a lovely weekend.

  6. I love free motion and writing text. Find text difficult but yours is so good. Been away this weekend to Bagnole sur Orne where they have a 5km brocante through a beautiful wood.Bought loads of lace and material so hope to get on with my last fabric book. Long to see the finished lampshade.

  7. You're definitely gaining control over that machine Sharon! Your text is especially lovely.
    Really like your journals too.


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