Monday, 9 April 2012

Pssst........ like a sneaky peek?

My other journal is really turning into a labour of love. It's getting even fatter but I don't think it's ready for binding just yet. I thought I'd share just a few pages with you.

I want to use this journal to house some of the many photographs I've taken of cemetery angels and gravestones. Another trip planned soon to Nunhead, one of the big seven Victorian gothic cemeteries that ring London! Can't wait, hope it's a bright sunny day :)


  1. Good Grief, you've been busy! I was at the cemetery today - 25 years since my Dad passed on - seems like yesterday. Wasn't very Gothic though!(the cemetery, not my Dad!).

  2. Lovely will look stunning with Angel pics in ..xx

  3. Gorgeous...I can hardly wait to see it finished!
    Thanks for your kind visit! Hope you've had a wonderful Easter as well!


  4. loving the pages on your journal and the post below...


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