Monday, 9 April 2012

Well, where do I begin?

How about with something I've finished. I made this little needlecase for a friend's birthday and now I want one! I got the idea from this little one on the Angel Eden blog

Think I might make myself a matching pin cushion as well - watch this space :)

I've been enjoying my embroidery night class and particularly the needle felting. I just love painting with the felts, such saturated colours and I had a bit of a play with this piece. It's been such a fun class that I've signed up for the 10 weeks after easter as well when we'll be learning different ways to put images onto fabric.

Ok..... a rather strange, non-descript photo you might think but I'm just so excited! My very own freemotion/darning foot, on my machine!!! I really thought I would have to save up my pennies and buy a new machine but then I met a wonderfully knowledgeable man at Fabric Guild and he found me a new foot. No stopping me now, I can write, well ok it's more like a scrawl for now, with it. I really love the look of sewing machine 'hand-writing' and hope to incorporate it into my journals.

Now a work in progress. I finally stripped back and old lampshade and have wrapped the frame in fabric.

I need a new lampshade for the dining room and I have a vague recollection of seeing a lampshade frame covered in rags, sorry I can't remember where. But I like that because then I don't have anything to follow and I can just get on with doing my own thing. I'm back at the pondering stage now, I could
  • make some yoyos and use them like flowers on it
  • make some fabric birds
  • string some beads and dangly bits such as glass chandalier pieces
  • or a mixture of all three

I'm not sure yet so in the meantime

I've been getting on with decorating the bathroom. Here I am trying out different arrangements for the floral china display I'm going to have on the wall in there. I knew there was a reason I was collecting it, lol. 'Country Living' photos of the bathroom to follow when I've finished it. Why does it always take longer than you think, still all the emulsion now done - white and Paradise Green (yummy colour honest) on the woodwork to do now, oh and the curtains, and another coat on the floor and something dangly and sparkly on the lightfitting I think. Hope you've all been doing something nice this Easter!


  1. Busy,busy,busy - your bathroom sounds lovely and I love all your plates too. I'm in the process of crocheting around an old lampshade frame. I'll let you know how it goes!

  2. The journal is an absolute treasure. I don't know how you come up with all of the wonderful inspiration for such an unusual project. I think I would like to make such journals for my granddaughters, but first I have to get rid of my job. (Yeah right). I do enjoy your projects. Oh, nothing like a good presser foot!.


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