Monday, 9 April 2012

My New Journal

I've made myself a journal in the Full Tilt Boogie class run by Mary Ann Moss. She is one lovely lady, full of great tips and humour and she really gets you going, hence the title. So in no time at all I whipped up this journal.

I love the recycling aspect in her classes. For this journal I used the covers from an old sunday school book that was falling apart. It was dated 1907 and had been awarded to some lucky lad for good attendance.

I used old book pages from books found in charity shops; a gardening encyclopedia, a book on cottage garden flowers, old song books, floral scrapbooking paper and pages from an old Sarah Raven gardening catalogue - she always has such wonderful plant photography in them.

I really like taking old pages and fashioning them into something new.

I left some pages short so I can add papers, photos or embroidery to it in the future. Incidentally my next embroidery class has the theme of summer so I might use this journal as my sketchbook for it, with it's wonderful flower pictures already in there to give me some stitching inspiration.

I also used pages from an old teachers book, which had this pre-raphelite image in there as a descriptive english exercise for the children.
I hope these pages give you a flavour of the journal.

The binding took time but was really easy to understand so I can see alot more of these journals being crafted in the future.


  1. I love this ,and with my vast collection of vintage books,I can certainly find the materials to make one.Are the pages stitched in or glued.?
    By they way thank you for the comments on Facebook which I erased by mistake.:)

  2. Yaay! You're back. Really missed ogling at the wonders you perform, Shaz!FABULOUS as always!Love it to bits.

  3. It's gorgeous, lovely. You're so clever. I wish I had half of your abilities. Can I request a Billy Boy fix soon please. Xx

  4. You journal looks fabulous!! I too love old book pages and vintage things. Well done Sharon:-) xoxo


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