Monday, 16 April 2012

Trip to London

I've been endulging my passion for victorian gothic cemeteries again, this time with a trip to Nunhead in London. One of the magnificent seven cemeteries that ring the capital. (Only another 3 to do, Norwood, Abney Park and Tower Hamlets and I'll have visited them all).

As with the others I've visited they have seen better days. There are lots of trees that have been allowed to grow up and disturb the graves, alot of vandalism and neglect but this cemetery still has a lovely, calm, peaceful feel to it. I could have stayed here all day, soaking up the atmosphere and the sunshine.

It was like walking through a woodland only there were gravestones everywhere. Green parrots and jays were chattering and flashing their plumage high in the canopy. Ivy scrambles everywhere and spring flowers adorned banks and graves alike.

Nunhead is high up and there were clear views over St Pauls and the London Eye from certain parts of the cemetery.

In this cemetery there were not that many angels when compared to say Highgate or Brompton but I still managed to find some and get some photos for my journal.

After Nunhead we headed back into the city and made our way to Somerset House on the banks of the Thames to see the installation of thousands of ceramic flowers. They made a really stunning display.


  1. I would have liked very much going together with you

  2. Glad you had a good time. Those flowers are so pretty. Did I mention 'Her Fearful Symmetry'? It's based around Highgate Cemetery and quite spooky...I think you'll like it!Have a good week, Shaz and thanks for popping over to mine. xxx

  3. Agree with comment above...its a great book.

    Have you been to Rock Cemetery in Nottingham? Its famous for its angels. Google it to see some pics.
    I live in Notts and I found out about it through an American friend's blog!! If you ever decide to visit, let me know and I'll join you :-)

  4. I love to see those flowers they look lovely.

  5. Looks like it was a beautiful day. I like walking through old cemeteries, reading the headstones and wondering about the lives of others before us. What are the ceramic flowers for? Thanks for stopping by my corner of the world. Have a great rest of the week. Tammy


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