Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sunday in the Garden

The bluebells are finally coming out and it was the perfect day for a bit of work around the garden. I've put in foxgloves and oriental poppies, both I hope will self-seed.

The cherries are in blossom and really hoping for a bumper harvest of morrellos this year; last year's cherries dropped off in a really dry spell.

Just adore this red crab apple blossom, wonderfully vibrant.

I've also planted a miniature lilac. I just had to buy it down the garden centre this week, as it reduced me to tears as my old cat Freddie used to love lying in the one I had at the old house so I bought it in memory of him. It smells divine.

Of course I was working under supervision and my work was scrutinised throughly by Archie,

then Mickey checked that the cat walk-ways across the bed were still accessible despite the influx of plants,

and Merlin checked out the newly pressure-washed decking and found it perfectly adequate for a bit of rolling in the sunshine!


  1. I love seeing the peeks of spring! Waiting for it to arrive in my we had snow flurries and a high of 2C. Brrr C'mon it's April 17 already! arrrgh.
    Love the kitty antics.

  2. I have enjoyed visiting you again watching your pretty works and your lovely flowers

  3. All of this great weather is helping the garden and your cats seem to love it.

  4. what a gorgeous garden and such beautiful kitties! love the flowers - so nice to see! We had snow here yesterday so still waiting for things to bloom. It looks like your kitties love being outside there!


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