Saturday, 30 April 2011

Journal Pages

It's been a while since the last journal from the International Journal Swap came through but this one is the latest. The theme is Connections and I chose to interpret it with the connections between the 12 artists taking part in this round robin.

I made small journals representative of the journals travelling around the world, between us, and used postage stamps to illustrate one of the ways in which we communicate, email being the other.

The small journals have themes, including India, Vintage and Postage Stamps. On putting them on the page I realised that I would have to find a way of closing them otherwise they would get crushed when the journal folded so I came up with attaching ribbons to the backs of them so it could be tied on the front, securing the tiny journals closed.

I had great fun using some of my favourite colours, in acrylics, alcohol inks and glimmer mists and used a plastic doillie as the stencil for the molding paste.

Last I heard my own journal was in the States and it's coming closer to it coming home. Can't wait to see it. This journal was bulging with beautiful work and it was difficult letting it go but it's now winging it's way to Lichfield to the next artist :)


  1. WOW Sharon, that is beautiful and what a fabulous idea. Sadly I am not going to see this journal again so thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful as always, Shaz. Would expect nothing less from an exceptionally gifted pal like you! Isn`t it a shame that we don`t all use `snail-mail` more often? Can`t wait to see your journal on its return. Have a Good May Day. x

  3. What a wonderful idea. It looks fantastic. A real inspiration.

  4. Hi Sharon, Your journal pages are DIVINE!!! I love your idea of the mini journal and I am with Louise, unfortunately we are not going to see it again unless we drop in at Milliande's;-)


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