Monday, 25 April 2011

Bluebell Woods at Easter

Went over to Bluebell Woods yesterday for a walk with some friends. The bluebells are really early this year and the ground was a sea of blue.

You just have to walk through them, it's almost magical and with us for such a short time

My friend gave me some lovely, yes, they are gone already, chocolate bunnies in a lovely cup and saucer, now esconced on the dresser.

And her daughter gave me some super little wooden cats with bells round their necks, (can't think why she thought of me, lol) in a darling little drawer string bag. I felt throughly spoilt :)

Hope you've all had a great easter, and if in England are looking forward to the next long weekend as someone or other is getting married??


  1. I love bluebell woods, there is no other colour quite like it,That cup is really pretty.

  2. Beautiful cat and beautiful woods .

  3. lovely flower photos and great ATCS..those bluebells are lovely..I have got various clumps growing in my garden given to me by my dad


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