Sunday, 10 April 2011

Spring Fairy ATC

The inspiration for this Spring Fairy ATC came from a request at Christmas to make an angel hanging ATC for a friends mum. Ashamed to say that time has gone by and I'd not gotten round to it, so yesterday was the day. As it is going to hang in her toilet all year (this toilet is a little palace with chandalier I must add) I decided not to go too christmassy but then when I looked at the angel I decided that she was actually a fairy. I can't put my finger on it, maybe too small a wings?? So hope she likes it. The bead at the bottom really catches the light and shines rainbow colours so hopefully will match the chandalier. It was an old earring but I'd lost the other one.

This is the wonderful japanese book I won in a prize draw over on Caroles blog Madness and Mess, I love it, really looking forward to using the pages in my journals. She was a dear and sent me some gorgeous napkins as well, and a key stamped on some fabric. I'm really enjoying her journal class, there is still time to join in if you want to.

Just love the stamp on the parcel as well. Have a lovely spring day all. I'm off to a friends for an art day. We both bought some lutrador at last years Knitting and Stitching show and haven't done anything with it so far. So today is the day, heat guns at the ready......


  1. I'm here from Kimmies tea blog :) you have such a great blog. I will be back later to look at all the interesting 'stuff' :)
    happy tea day to you.

  2. lovely atc and hope you had a lovely arty day with your friend....


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