Saturday, 2 April 2011

Birthday Boy Archie

Unfortunately in a senior moment I left the door to the bathroom open and Archie, always having an eye for a chance, nipped in and made himself at home on the pile of bath towels on the washstand. He was three yesterday, it's two years since I leapt out of my card and grabbed him off my street. Not a regular occurence I assure you, but he'd been pointed out to me as a stray only the evening before and as I was heading to the vets anyway I took him along to see if he was chipped. He wasn't and despite advertising him no one came forward. I still can't believe that no one came for him, he's a beautiful boy, beautiful looking and beautiful character.

So Happy 3rd Birthday Archie Padstow!


  1. Hey Shaz, Archie nearly shares the same birthday as my boy, who`s 26 years older than him today....and he`s a ginger too!!He does share the same birthday as my nephew but he`s blonde!Have a great Sunday. x

  2. Arh what a lovely story and he looks well comfy there.....Shaz im on the journal making class with you and just want to say i love some of your idea's.....and your art here is stunning....its gonna been way over my head as never made jounals like this im sitting at the back of


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