Wednesday, 6 April 2011

24 degrees

Today has been a glorious spring day with temperatures reaching 24 degrees. Now to those of you in warmer climes that might seem nothing to shout about but over here in England we are happy if it reaches 24 degrees at the height of summer let alone on an early spring day.

So I thought I'd share some of the colour in my garden at the moment in celebration of the day.

This blossom was snapped whilst I was working out of the office this afternoon and the shadows of railings on my walk to another centre. It reminds me of lacey edgings or maybe the inspiration for a future stencil.

Hope you're having glorious spring days wherever you are :)


  1. Fab pics, Shaz. I love that cherry blossom - it`s just crying out to be used by an artist!

  2. Such a beautiful flowers you already have in your garden! We only have crocuses now and no green grass yet.
    How lovely to sit in the sun with 24 degrees :)

  3. Lovely ....have you painted all your papers yet ...I haven't ...x

  4. Such wonderful bleeding hearts.

  5. Gorgeous flower photos .... You have many more in bloom than we do at the moment .... I can't wait!!


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