Sunday, 21 August 2011

Ribbon Sorting

I had a bit of a brainwave this afternoon, and that doesn't often happen, and decided to put a string on the inside of one of my wardrobes in the studio and hang up some of my ribbon stash. At last I can more easily see what I've got and it looks pretty. But it also looks like a premier cat toy to certain members of the household so I'll be keeping the wardrobe door shut when I'm not around!

Ahh, the joy of eating your own runner beans, my plants down the garden are now producing lovely beans which I just love. Favourite recipe - toss pasta in butter with salt and pepper, runner beans on top and then drizzle with Cardini's Caesar Salad dressing, just divine :)


  1. Lovely ribbons....sounds like a good recipe too x

  2. Great idea for the beans. I like to fix them with bacon strips thrown in as they simmer in the pot. Not the healthiest, but once in awhile.

  3. Now that is an idea that I could handle. Of course, ribbons are my joy AND the pain of my crafting world! Those are lovely ribbons!

  4. Your beans look so fresh and lovely....yum.

    Maybe you'll inspire me re: the ribbons; mine are an absolute mess :-/


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