Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Ocean ATC Swap

I heard a thud on my door mat earlier and was delighted to find my ATCs from the Ocean Swap I did on Roses on the Table in July. I just love the variety of different interpretations and media used by the ladies there. Now I've got to find more room to display them, lol.

My faithful companion Mickey, my old boy, joined me for a bit in the garden as I sat reading. He and the rest of them are finding this hot and humid weather a bit too much, with a lot of flaking out and lying in the shade.

Bill is keeping me company now, tired out from his day down by the river. Somehow he's lost his whole collar this time, normally it's just his name tag, he's lost lots and lots of them. I keep spares in a drawer so he won't be bell-less for long. Mice of the world rejoice! But it seems he's more interested in flies at the moment, yuk.


  1. Ha! Your furbabies are cute. Jingles used to be really good at catching flies when she was younger but now she couldn't be bothered. We only get them around here about twice a year, thankfully, but when they come, they come in droves. Yuck! She is enjoying lizard season at the moment and tries to get to them through the sliding glass door at all hours of the night. Ugh! Wonder what Bill is doing with those collars?

    The ATCs you received are great. Do you have a memo board you put them on?

    Have a great rest of the week. Tammy

  2. Ahhh...lovely Mickey and Bill.
    Peachy loves helping with the gardening too and isn't averse to the occasional fly snack.


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