Saturday, 6 August 2011

New journal in Progress

I started work on a new journal today and I'm so excited. I'm taking Nellie Wortman's A Day in the Life of Fabrics, Paint and Paper class on Artful Gathering and it is worth every penny. She has the most amazing work, here's a link to her blog, and she's a great teacher, really going into depth and showing as a lot of different techniques as well as talking about her own inspirations.

I'm using an angel from Brompton Road Cemetary on the cover and my theme is Heavenly Gardens, so lots of flowers, greenery and angels.

If that theme is seems familar to regular readers of my blog it is! My journal for the International Journal swap has the same theme but as it is travelling to different artists I've only done the introductory pages and I wanted to do my own journal and interpretations. Now there must be something I can do with the off cuts???

Billyboy stopped play for a while as he took shelter from the rain and decided that my newly almost clear work table was the obvious choice of spot. Yup, I set too last night and tidied my studio and that almost never happens but knew I was going to need the space.

Isn't it great when something unexpected happens. When searching for some vintage ledger paper, which I know I have somewhere, I came across this patchwork plate of embossed wall papers that I'd last used 10 years ago on my degree. Well I just had to do a bit of printing with acrylics using it and was just loving the effects, reminding me of the decorative iron work often found in cemeteries.

I then found more wallpaper and had a jolly old time printing away. I think this plate is so beautiful it will find it's way into the journal somewhere.

I just love the way the print came out all imperfect, over this vintage book page.

Have a great and creative weekend wherever you are!


  1. Oh I so look forward to seeing how your journal ends up..that pattern plate is AMAZING. And yes! I'm totally with you..that print looks fantastic! :)x

  2. That is so lovely and it is super that you will end up with the 2 volume set of Heavenly Gardens <3

  3. Lovely work! I saw your printers tray and definitely agree ... you may need a whole wall of printers tray before long. :) Hope your day is great! :) Tammy

  4. I love that print brilliant cant wait to see the progress ......x

  5. I contiue to be amazed by your work and how good it always is. I have tried a couple of online classes but my internet is snails pace and then only when I can pick up a signal I envy you your latest one.

  6. Excellent stuff! I especially like the print on the newspaper.

  7. I'm also taking Nellie's class!! I can't wait to see how your journal turns's off to a beautiful start! xo

  8. Hi I'm taking Nellie's class also but haven't started yet, thank goodness for the DVD, can't wait to see your creation, right now I'm in Christy's class working on a pumpkin fairy! These classes are so much fun, love them all so far! Hugs Marilou PS I'm now your newest follower, and found you on Kim's blog:)

  9. I love the printing you did with the embossed wallpaper, it is really lovely. And thanks so much for visiting creative swaps-I have you down for the giveaway!


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