Saturday, 3 September 2011

Car Boot Treasures

Do you ever have one of those weeks when you wake up and seemingly, all of a sudden, it's the weekend and you wonder
  1. where's the week gone? and
  2. blimey it's the weekend and you've made no plans
Well that's been my week. Last weekend was different, I made plans with friends to go to a car boot sale, something I'd not done for ages and ages.

As you can see from these pictures I came home with a lot of treasure. Lots of ribbons, some sequin waste and alot of rubber stamps (I seem to be thinking of Christmas, lol).

Oodles of pieces of lace,

very pretty doillies and tray cloths, ideal for journals,

Wonderful old Sunday school books for collaged backgrounds, dated 1907,

Pretty tablecloths to use as tablecloths, and the holey ones for fabric, and a lacey skirt to tear up and use in journals,

Some pieces are just so sweet I might just have to keep them as they are.

As for the rest of weekend I will be making sample wedding invitations, reading and generally putting my feet up :)


  1. Oh, you've done well! In Canada you would have been garage saling, our version of car boot sales. We have found some exceptional treasures this year. Five antique candelabras (will refinish and use at Halloween) a box load of old books for $1.60, a small box of apothecary jars from the early 1900's and a huge box of glass beads. It becomes a bit of an addiction but so much fun. Enjoy all your treasures!

  2. Wow. You did find some really cool stuff, but what is a car boot sale?

  3. Nice additions to your stash! Lovely finds.

  4. What an amazing amount of goodies you found. I have stopped going here for a while because I began to find I had so much. I love Boot fairs.I will look forward to seeing the next things you create.

  5. Hi Ann, I hope you see this message as you are down as a no-reply blogger. Car boots are where people gather in their cars or vans and sell their things right out of the backs of their cars. Boots are known as trunks I think in the states. They are normally at weekends and bank holidays in the good weather.

  6. Ohh what amazing treasures you have found!!:-) You would have paid a fortune for this kind of stuff here. It seems that everybody knows their price and old things are popular:-) Well done Sharon!:-) xoxo

  7. Wow wonderful stuff you have found, love the doilies and school books they are great to use in art, have a nice week.

  8. Oh you really did do well at that car boot sale! Every thing you found is fab, and I love the doilies! I have never been to a "car boot" sale. I saw one while in the UK this summer but didn't get to stop in. (boo hoo!). But I did get to many charity shops and they were fun too.
    I hope you had a great weekend. Thank you so much for visiting me : )

  9. Hope you had a good weekend, Shaz. Lots of lovely things there - can`t wait to see what you do with them. Speak soon. x

  10. ooh've found some real treasures there...your car-boot sales are clearly of a higher quality than the ones I frequent! :)
    The journals you have made in your earlier posts are just gorgeous,so beautifully made and a real texture fest...wish I could get my hands on them! :)x

  11. My idea of a perfect Sunday morning is trawling through treasure at a car boot! LOVE all the bits and pieces you found :)

  12. Fabulous treasures dear, you lucky girl!



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