Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sweet Pea Sunday

Don't you just love the scent of sweet peas, I know I do. These are a lovely old-fashioned mix, as beautiful as they are fragrant and now adorning my kitchen windowsill.

Remember how I was struggling to get a photo of Billy when it was his birthday, well I managed to get this shot a couple of days ago. He's grown into a fine looking little chap I think you'll agree. Here was a similar shot when I first got him, click here.

The bunting I made recently had a quick outing on my dresser before being wrapped up and given as a birthday pressie. I think I'm going to make some more.

I've got some leave now for a couple of weeks so hoping to be creative, make some bread, do some decorating, blog more as been very remiss in that department recently and generally have a good time. Enjoy your Sundays wherever you are!


  1. Bill is so darling. It's so good that you rescued him.

  2. Billy looks like a wonderful cat! and I love the bunting hanging on the dresser.

  3. Would love to give Billy a hug!! He's a cutie.

    We have lots of sweet peas in the garden - and in the house - just love the smell :-)

  4. Lovely! The bunting is great and looks fab on your dresser. Don't you just love sweet peas - we are enjoying our's too at the moment.

    Barbara x

  5. what a lovely cat you have got and he is so your sweet peas I have some growing too..think I need a dresser like yours as it looks lovely..thanks for visiting my blog


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