Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Think I'm addicted

To both pomanders and little fabric collages. Found this lovely pomander for the princely sum of 75p in a local charity shop. The rose petals in it has long since given up their smell and as it has a plug I could easily empty it and refilled it with lavender and it sits prettily on my marble wash stand. I'll have to get round to photographing some of my other pomanders, so out of fashion now but reminders of my youth when your auntie, who wasn't your real auntie, would bring you one back from their seaside holidays.

As to the collages they are beginning to be a kind of creative warm up exercise before I get on with something else more involved. Just loving them.

A very warm welcome to bloggers coming to visit from the Graphics Fairy. I was featured on Karen's Graphics Fairy craft blog with some of my earlier collages and some bloggers are then finding their way to my little blog. In answer to a few queries, the transfers are onto fabric and I've used TAPs, Transfer Artist Paper to do them, so quick and effective. Then I'm hand sewing them together and adhering them onto cards using Golden's regular gel medium.

Yup, had to do another cat card, lol.

And have started experimenting with wedding cards, this one along the theme of 'something blue'.

In other news I got a bargain of a welsh dresser with a rounded top from another local charity shop and managed to get it home in my little micra, not an easy feat, luckily the top detachs from the bottom and my dad was on hand to add a bit of muscle. It's a very dark wood at the moment, sorry no photos yet, but planning to paint it antique white and use it in my studio. I got inspired by watching Cristina Zinnia Gallihers inspiration video set in her studio. She has it arranged so prettily that you cannot fail to be inspired just by setting foot in it, so as and when I spot a piece of furniture that is both functional and pretty I'll be replacing tables and cardboard boxes in my studio. Watch this space!


  1. All them are beautiful,lovely and dainty...
    I am addicted too!

  2. All your collages are very very pretty. I envy you your welsh dresser, my workroom could do with some thing to pretty it up.

  3. Loving your pretty collages! They are making my heart sing!! x

  4. These are amazing Shaz....i love everyone of them.

  5. Your collages are so sweet...they would make beautiful cards.


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