Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Fab Snail Mail Day

I had a lovely surprise when I got home tonight, the wonderful Anne of Nana Go-Go fame had sent me a great parcel out of the blue. Lots of lush fabric scraps for me to use in my artwork, all tied up with a pink ribbon :)

Some wonderful tartens and a lush tweed. I'll definately be using them in something soon, thinking cap on, muse charged with coming up with something fab. She's a real sweetie.

Then I knew that the next package, from Canada, would be an artwork from Nina. She sent me this lovely watercolour in a 1 for 1 swap. It's called 'My Soul Sings in the Night', I love it. I'll be on the lookout for an appropriate frame to put it in.

Then, earlier in the day, I'd had this magazine delivered to work, from the States. I got it on ebay (if anyone knows where I can get it over here in England, please let me know because the postage is sooo high). I'd read alot about this publication and from my brief flick through I'm not going to be disappointed. Off to bed now with it and a hot milk, might have difficulty sleeping due to a rotten cough and cold so at least I have something good to read :) Hoping you've all had great days wherever you are!


  1. Glad you were happy with fabric, Shaz. I love the watercolour and the name of it too. That mag looks really interesting too - what`s it like inside?Just me being nosy!

  2. I got that magazine too and found lots to read in it. As well as ideas.
    I know that you can get it from 'The Stamp Attic' they are in Wantage Oxon. Web site will tell you about mail order. I think that "Rainbow Silks" at Great Missenden might also sell it. If you wish to take out a subscription then it's often cheaper, even with the postage getting it direct. Hope this helps and that you will soon feel better.

  3. Hi there! I just wanted to pop over and say "hello" and thankyou for following me! :)
    What a gorgeous blog you have...LOVE all your journal pages ....I must go and check out this course you are doing..sounds great!
    I am also smiling because only just the other day I was on Somerset Studios website oggling over this magazine wondering the very same question you asked :) Hows that for a wonderful twist of fate :)
    So I'm away to check out the suggested places! Thankyou!
    Lovely to "meet" you!
    Jenny X

  4. lovely art I love that magazine too but find it so difficult to get it here I usually have a look on ebay too! I know they do digi downloads which are around $10. Hope your cold goes soon

  5. Lovely goodies to receive how nice! I get my Sew Somerset through Rainbow Silks - they stock most of the Stampington mags and are very good - you may spot a little piece of mine in that issue by the way!


  6. By now I hope that your cold is gone and that you're feeling in the pink! Somerset does do digi downloads - so much more affordable than postage across the pond. Thanks so much for your visit and lovely comment! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  7. What a bumper lot of postal treats, hope that helped soothe your cough and cold!
    Thank you so much for visiting, I'm so glad you liked the gardens,

    Sarah x

  8. How wonderful to get suprises from kindred spirits in the blogosphere.

    Your blog is so colorful and lovely.

    The new bluebird graphic looks wonderful.




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