Sunday, 29 May 2011

Favourite Rose

My all time favourite rose opened out yesterday - Jubilee Celebration. I smelt every rose at the David Austen rose centre, and believe me there were hundreds and this one came out on top. I love it's colour and fullness and when it fades it is just as delightful, delightfully shabby chic one might say :)

I'm having problems with Blogger but I don't seem to be alone. I've 'lost' all my followers, I just can't see all you lovely people. Hoping that the Blogger geeks get their finger out because it's just not nice. So big wave to you all out there and particularly if you've only just recently followed me, unfortunately I can't pop over to your blog to say hi.

Have a great weekend, whatever you're up to!


  1. Such a beautiful Rose and wonderful colour not having trouble at the moment thank

  2. Beautiful Rose and my blog is also OK I can see your list Sharon.

  3. Your rose is beautiful. The David Austin Center! David Austin roses are my absolute favorites. I only have one here at the new garden. I left 4 behind at the old house. They are very hard to find here in Colorado. I am anxiously waiting for my Gertrude Jeckel to bloom. I, too, lost view of my followers, but the list did return.

  4. Simply gorgeous..Blogger is really kookie.(using a nice word, not the one I really want to). I lost all my followers at a time I was doing a giveaway. Rats.But they did come back last night. lets keep our fingers crossed.

  5. It is a beautiful rose that's for sure. I am experiencing a few blogger hiccups too so you are not alone.
    Hugs and blessings. I love the colors on your blog!


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