Sunday, 22 May 2011


My peony is out and blooming marvellous, sorry, couldn't resist it. I just love the big blousy flower heads. I've had enough flowers this year to fill a vase and still have flowers in the garden to hedge my bets with the rain showers that can wreck the blooms in an instant.

I thought I'd share some other blooms out at the moment, from this dark bluey-purple grannies bonnet - don't you just love that name

to my clementis and on to

a close up of a peony bloom. Planted two pink peonies this year so hoping for more blooms next year.

Talking of the future I was potting up my winter greens earlier on this week - dwarf kale, italian cabbage and rainbow chard, little pots of texture and colour. Just got to keep the slugs off them, grrrr .....

Enjoy your Sundays wherever you are. I'm hoping to get some creative work done today as not been able to get in the studio all week and boy have I missed it x


  1. Beautiful flowers and so artistically taken! One thing missing tho, the boys posing in the peonies!!!
    We've done our good turn for the day and collected at a wind swept Moira Canal Festival for Pets As Therapy. Now its time to check on my beloved Ospreys and relax, ha ha!

  2. Blosoom is always a magic moment in the garden
    Yours is lovely

  3. It is hot and dusty on my side of the world so your blooms are a sight for sore eyes. I love your little fabric collages too. So sweet ! Have a great week. Tammy

  4. What a wonderful garden you have.. I love all the flowers! We cannot grow anything like this here in Brisbane the climate is too hot and humid and the cooler winter months too short, so I enjoy "visiting" your garden!:-) xoxo

  5. what a gorgeous garden! I just love the colors! We are waiting on peonies to bloom that were freebies from a friend last year, but not sure of the colors. I love your darling fabric collages too! :)

  6. It is now time for us to plant here, and I don’t have any outdoor planting plans this year.....I am just enjoying bike rides and walks...and I get my flower fixes at the market and grocery stores!
    Maybe next year I'll plan a small garden again....your flowers have inspired me and made me smile! Drop by and see my freesias

    Ciao Bella!


  7. Beautiful garden photography! Very inspiring. Thanks for the info on TAP..Ill have to try it. Love your new transfer pieces today delicate and sweet.


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