Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Lucky Me

I had this tonic of an ATC come through my letterbox yesterday. I won it in Laura of Artfully Musing's monthly drawer. Do pop over to her blog and have a look at the wonderful work she does and she showcases others work as well. I love this ATC and will have to look for a suitably grand place for it to be displayed.

Out in the garden things are growing rapidly. I still get a kick out of my seedlings coming up, no matter how many times I see it. Here I've got beetroot Bulls Blood - grown for it's leaves in salads, dwarf kale and italian cabbage to keep up my iron levels in the winter, lol, all to be grown in amongst my flowers and shrubs.

It's hard to believe that in the space of a few short months it's gone from this.....

To this rather uninspiring bald look.....

To this, full and lush, with green and flowers everywhere. Still got to mend my arbour where the front support came off, luckily no one underneath when the wood split and then thinking of some sort of hanging for it...... more to come on that

My Mary Rose rose was the first one out

Followed this week by my lovely Zephirine Drouhin, clambering nearly to the top of the archway in only it's second season. Both of them have incredible scent but I have yet to smell them - I'm still blocked with this cold, so looking forward to having a good old sniff of these :)

Look who I spotted lurking amongst the chives, my old boy Mickeylove. He does tend to nibble the chives and the bamboo. 'You maybe black and white but you're not a panda!' I can be heard crying quite regularly, wonder what the neighbours make of that!

Definitely turned a corner with the old cold lurgy thing and feeling a lot more chipper. My computer didn't mind me coughing etc so I gave this little old blog a bit of a revamp. Let me know what you think all you lovely readers out there. I've also been able to catch up my telly viewing, one day just slumped in front of iplayer and watched 5 episodes of Spiral - anyone else a fan?

And more importantly pay visits to my favourite blogs, lots of beautiful blogs and bloggers out there. Blogging has opened up a whole new world for me, finding like-minded people, on the same wavelength and sharing our art, snippets of our lives, triumphs and tribulations. If you've been thinking about blogging, do it, just jump right in and go for it, you won't regret it. Maybe that's just too much at the moment but maybe make contact by commenting on a blog for the first time, go on, dip that toe in, I dare you :)


  1. Love the new ATC - you are indeed lucky! That pic of the snow sent shivers down my spine - I NEVER want it to be Winter ever again - especially since the fuel companies have announced a GIGANTIC rise in prices! I could call them a very bad name but I`m too much of a Lady!!Your garden looks so full and lush, Shaz and the roses are very pretty indeed. I`ve yet to catch up with `Spiral` but it sounds good.
    Love the new look and you`re so right about blogging.
    Hope the sniffles leave you soon.x
    Love your new look

  2. Your garden is so very impressive! I love seeing the photos of it during the changing of the seasons. Your Mary rose is gorgeous!
    Your blog looks fantastic. I love the green and red.
    I am glad you are feeling better.
    I had no idea I was not a follower. I have learned lately to check and see. So I fixed that : )
    I feel the same as you. Blogging has been so rewarding to me. I love meeting new bloggers and find everyone so inspiring! Your garden inspires me!

  3. Oh, Shaz, I left a comment here for you on Thursday and it`s obviously been swiped, along with everyone else`s!!Bad,bad Blogger!!!It was a really long comment too!!!Anyhoo, your new look is very pretty and you`re right about blogging - glad I did it, that`s for sure! Hope your sniffles have gone now and that you`re having a great weekend. x

  4. Your garden is lovely and looking at it makes me feel guilty that mine is not more productive.


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