Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Crochet Gloriousness

 Earlier this month my lovely friend Annie from Nana Go Go sent me the most wonderful present, a handcrocheted bag in the most delicious swirling blues and turquoises.  It is a true delight;  she has put so much surface decoration and texture in it.

It undulates and wriths, swirls and twirls in woolly fabulousness.

 Quite simply, it is stunning and Annie is a genius!

 I think you will agree?


  1. Good Heavens! I recognise that bag! You've photographed it very well, Shaz. Wish I was having as much luck making my next freeform challenge - hearts!Hope you're feeling better this week. x

  2. This is so gorgeous, wonderful colours.

  3. This bag is magnificent,and the colours are wonderful.

  4. Oh yes, yes...I just want to touch it! How wonderful it is! Thanks for sharing!


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