Sunday, 3 February 2013

Stitching Little Quiltlets

 Now the studio is tidy and my table is clear I'm back to creating!  In tidying up I came across lots of started-but-not-completed projects.  Let's face it we all have them.  The ones we lose interest in, the ones that need something but we don't know what, the impulse buys etc.  Well, one of my resolutions this year is to finish more than I start!  So these little quiltlets, a la Teesha Moore, were started ages ago and then I moved on to something else and these languished in a box.

 Well, no more.  I've now cut out some more, watched the videos again on Youtube and started stitching again.  They are so simple to make and easy to pick up and put down, so ideal TV project.  It's great when a project fits in a box don't you think?

 I also came across this stitched journal that I suspect was made using Teesha Moore's instructions and only one flap had been started, so combining the quiltlet cover with this journel will mean two projects finished!

In the process of tidying I came across this box of soft sculptured heads that I made in workshop many years ago, probably the 90's, and I still don't know what to do with them.  Any suggestions?


  1. Love those little quiltlets - are they for a patchwork project, Shaz? Your journal will be another fab one when you're done with it.Not so sure about those sculptured heads - they're really spooky staring out of the box like that!Did you watch Borgen last night - it was great. The Filmhouse in Edinburgh had a special screening this morning of last night's episodes with a Q&A session afterwards with Birgitte herself!(satellite link, I presume). Tickets sold out within minutes so I didn't manage to procure one. Obviously a lot of Scandi fans in Edinburgh!!Have a great week Shaz. xxx

  2. Sorry, forgot to say, do you fancy joining Betty's Swap - it's a really easy one?Link on my sidebar.

  3. Oh yes...I have ooodles of unfinished projects...good for you for doing some finishing! Your heads are adorable! Not sure what you can do with them
    Happy Monday! Thanks for visiting me the other day.

  4. Love your little cute and cuddly! I made a pile of them (after watching Teeshas video) about 6 months ago. I just like seeing them in a bowl... and touching them.
    Those faces are fantastic btw....clever you!!!!

  5. Personnellement , je les mettrai dans un cadre car ils sont sublimes


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