Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Starting the Year with the Inspirational Deck Swap

Now the mince pies have settled and the fireworks have gone off and 'normal' life resuming I wanted to share some of the wonderful cards that I got from the Inspirational Deck Swap I participated in.  It arrived between Christmas and New Year like a belated but very welcome present and it's stunning.  So many artists have come together to make this a wonderful swap.

 Here are just some of the fabulous cards that I've pulled out of the deck to share with you today.  The above artists are Kristin Dudish, Annette R Lansing and Joann Loftus.  The cards below were made by Sandra Beligi, Mary Jane Chadbourne and Grace Mendex.

They really are a very inspirational way to start the New Year.  I've just got to decide whether to make a box, a journal or a ring to keep them all in mmmm........

And I shall be visiting the artists and their blogs/facebooks etc over the next few days, really looking forward to meeting you all.  Thank you for all your superb work.

Hope you've all had a wonderful festive time and may I wish you a Happy, Creative and Artistic 2013!


  1. Love the top photo...they look so good fanned out together like that. Definitely an inspirational way to start the new year!xx

  2. Aren't these deck great, I am so loving mine. Happy New Year. xox

  3. oh what a great way to start the year they look fabulous grouped all together.... I was lucky enough to receive an aceo of yours as a Christmas gift too..... I just love it...:)

  4. Oh man...I love these. Wish I had more time to create!

  5. Oh these are so cool, What a great swap!


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