Sunday, 27 January 2013

Happy Frederick Arbuthnot Day

It's 4 years since my Freddy passed on but he's not forgotten, I always mark the day with treats for my boys.  So Gourmet pate or Sheba tender slices, decisions, decisions..... sure the boys would say both, lol.

Hutch turned 10 this past week.  He didn't seem too impressed but soon bucked up when the cat milk came out - he's such a foodie.

As you may have noticed I'm starting to play around with my photos - and having so much fun.  Here's one of Merlin, showing off his multiple personalities

I'm hoping to actually get something creative done today as studio almost tidied.  What are you up to today?

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  1. You know, Shaz, I was just trawling your blog earlier because I wanted the link to '' and I knew you used them and I was thinking 'I wish Shaz would hurry up and post' and here you are!!!Happy Freddy Day - he was adorable and you're becoming a dab-hand at that photography lark - loving all the pics. Nothing noteworthy on the crafting front - just a Giant Granny Blanket to stash-bust. How's yours coming along? Must be off, got the kids coming for dinner and here I am enjoying myself reading everyone's blogs, tut tut!Speak Soon. x


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