Thursday, 19 July 2012

My Little Billyboy is 3 Today

This afternoon little Billyboy is out for the count, chilling on the bed, catching some ZZZZZZ's

But this is very unusual for this terribly naughty, but absolutely adored little fella.  I had a text last week from a friend and neighbour that Billyboy had paid her a visit and snaffled her corned beef sandwich, luckily she loves him as well.  He's always up to mischief.  His latest trick is to jump on the radiator in the bathroom so he can reach the light pull and play with it, batting it against the wall.  I suppose it does look like a cat toy.

Here he was 'helping' me photograph the hush, hush journal.  He's a super boy, full of personality.  Happy 3rd Birthday my sweetie!


  1. There's my pin up boy! He's such a beauty and he abviously knows it. Happy birthday to the gorgeous one. xx

  2. Happy Miaow-Day to You, Billy-Boy. I don't blame him for nicking that corned beef's very reminiscent of cat food!That last pic is hilarious!x

  3. Happy Birthday Billy Boy! I love you, mate!

    He is one wonderful boy Shaz! I'm curled up here with my six squillion cats sending Mad Cat Lady loe to you! xxx

  4. Oh what a sweet baby and I'm sure a wonderful helper! Laura


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