Sunday, 15 July 2012

Made My First Clutch Bag

I'm off to a wedding next week and needed a bag to match my dress.  So off I went, pulling out fabrics from my stash, reading lots of books on bags and finally getting some free time to get on with it.

 I used the Elegance Pleated Clutch pattern from Sue Kim's book Bags: the modern classics, (I've popped a link to it on my Goodreads Box on the right hand bar).  I had a large piece from Laura Ashley back in the nineties,with a self pattern, for the exterior and then used 3 toning pieces from a Harlequin sample book to make the lining.

My button box gave up this lovely big wooden button and then a pearly one placed on top.  It was fun to make and even though it was rated a 2 button bag for difficulty, it was really easy.  I hope to make some more to match other outfits.  The book contains some great patterns and as I have a friends birthday coming up soon I might well tackle another pattern.

Now I just need some good weather so the wedding can go off without us all getting wet!


  1. Clever you - it looks great. Enjoy the wedding.


  2. You have made it beautifully and its a glorious colour.

  3. Wow! that is so,so pretty. You're such a clever clogs, Missus. Clutch Bag envy going on here! Have a great week, Shaz. Will write again soon. xxx

  4. I love this!!! what a great idea to use two buttons too :)

  5. The bag is darling and I love all the flower photos on your blog-beautiful. thanks for visiting my blog--you will love the Night circus.


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