Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Floral Abundance Continues

 Floral abundance continues sounds so much better than the wet season shows no signs of stopping!  June has been a washout and July is following in it's soggy footsteps.

Last week came the heaviest rains I had ever seen, at some points you couldn't see more than a few feet in front of you, it was that heavy.  Hail stones fell like ice cubes from the sky.

 But my little garden continues to flower it's heart out, despite the rain beating it down

 Jasmine, now scents the air with it's heady perfume

 and I continue to delight in the different shapes, textures and hues of pink, white, blue and purple.

Maybe the weather will change soon?


  1. Your sweetpeas are flowering? Mine's have a long way to go...if the slugs give them a chance. I checked on my runner beans the other day and not one leaf has been left intact!Nothing but stalks remain! I love your colour scheme,Shaz and very pretty flowers. Catch up soon. x

  2. A delicious walk trought your garden

  3. I would love to visit your garden,I can imagine how wonderful it is early morning and evening ,rain or no rain.


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