Thursday, 19 July 2012

Journal Under Wraps

 Quite literally!  I've finished the wedding journal for my friend.  Only two more days till the wedding.

 I was bemoaning my memory at not remembering to get any wrapping paper and then had a flash of inspiration - I am surrounded by paper in my studio and my friend once saw a journal I made, sewing papers together to make the pages and loved it so......

I made the wrapping paper out of love songs as Mr is a musician, an old teaching manual as Mrs is a teacher and an old gardening encyclopedia as the wedding theme is flowers. I stitched them together randomly and then overstamped with flowers. 

When Mr and Mrs have opened their journal I'll share it with you but for the time being it's under wraps :)


  1. It's gorgeous Sharon! You're so clever! X

  2. wow lovely Sharon........xx

  3. It`s a fabulous idea, I love it and tehy will too!

  4. FAB as always. What an ingenious idea for the wrapping paper - will be pinching that for the future!Well done, Shaz.x


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