Friday, 8 June 2012

Scrappy Journal

 I've finally got around to binding my Scrappy Journal, made using scraps of fabric and scraps of coloured watercolour paper left over from my larger journals.

The paper on it's own would have made tiny signatures so I used lengths of scrap fabric sewn on as kind of hinges.  I like how when you turn the pages you get flashes of these fabric scraps as well as them being visible on the outside.

 I used a combination of binding techniques from Mary Ann Moss on the Full Tilt Boogie class and the very helpful instructions supplied by Lynn Holland, photoing pages from a book for me, so kind.

 Whilst I love this little book I feel it is somehow naked and in need of either a little sac bag, so I can carry it with me easily, or maybe a wrap so it can be carried with some art supplies.  I feel another project coming on.....
I picked the first roses from my garden yesterday - St Swithun and Zephirine Drouhin, both beautifully perfumed, ahhhhhh.


  1. The book is beautiful and pictured with the roses brings out the romantic side in me. I think I would want to fill it with lovely words and watercolour sketches.
    Well done Shaz its gorgeous and you have made me think of making one now.
    Lynn x
    Ps. Thanks for the mention, glad I could help out a bit xx

  2. What a beautiful journal! It's too cute. I can't wait to see what sort of bag you make for it. :)

  3. gosh--I just love this journal :-)

  4. That is just so beautiful! I love the binding :)

  5. FAB as always!You 'journal babes' are so clever!I'm trying to watch 'Spiral 2' but it's not as rivetting as the Scandi lot - I'll try and persevere though. Have a great weekend, Shaz. x

  6. Wow your Scrappy Journal is so beautifully made love the fabric hinges, they are lovely.
    Hugs Anni


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