Monday, 4 June 2012

Collage, Transfers and Stitch

I've been playing around with my Lazertran silk transfers from class.  I made a paper collage from my photos of clematis, sweet peas and a statue from Brompton Cemetery and transfered it onto silk.  I then basted it onto pink silk so that it glowed pink through the white silk.  I then began hand stitching on it and then discovered that I hadn't set it by ironing it and some of the transfer has rubbed off but I quite like the distressed effect.

I ironed this piece to set it properly and lost so of it's brightness but also the kind of plasticy finish so overall think I prefer Lazertran used properly.  This collage was using roses from the David Austin catalogue, cut up into squares. Not sure that I like the big flower on the side, I might get out the unpicker and do something else in it's place.

I used machine embroidery to write Summer in pink.  I picked out the squares either with embroidery, organza or buttons.
I really like the soft effect on the silk, which also has a nice gentle sheen.


  1. Truly pretty, Shaz. Great detailing, on those squares. Fab!

  2. Hello Shaz I just jumped over from Nana's and found your pretty blog. You have made a lovely piece of art here. Doesn't silk feel wonderful to handle and work with - and it makes you feel your creations are special - your result is lovely. Betty x


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