Sunday, 10 June 2012

Pincushion Received

Georgina, my swap partner had really done her homework, finding out what I like. She made me two gorgeous pincushions, one this lovely cat which is way too nice for pins, it's even weighted in the bottom so it stands up straight

 And this lovely round on with lush fabrics that are very shabby chic, this one is now in use :)  They are both so sweet.  She also sent me a great book on plants together with a Simon's Cat card - I just love Simon's Cat.  So big, big thanks to Georgina for a fabulous swap.

Talking of plants, my little garden is bursting at the seams with greenery and the mock orange and the roses's perfume hits you as you step outside.  Just waiting for the peony to flower.....

Hope everyone has some enjoyment in the sun, like Merlin, this weekend x


  1. I do like the pincushions. Such thoughtful little gifts for one who sews. Your garden looks lovely. Ours got hailed a few days ago, so everything is looking pretty ragged. Merlin looks like he has just the perfect spot for a nice sun bath.

  2. My peony's have flowered and the wind and rain battered them so much they were ruined. So its good you have yours to come maybe a proper summer will have arrived by then. Love the cat pincushion
    a useful swap for you.


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