Sunday, 24 June 2012

My First Fabric Bag

I went to a bag making workshop yesterday and made this bag.  I nipped out between rain showers today to photograph it.  I used a Sanderson fabric remenant in a soft floral design for the outside and used a cream cotton for the lining.  Just taken it out for a spin and it functions really well, plenty of room.  I might make the next one (yes, there will be a next one as throughly enjoyed making this one) with slightly longer handles so it can go comfortably, on my shoulder and I might round the corners, but really pleased with my first effort.


  1. Love the bag. A nice way to put little bits of material to good use. I must have missed a couple of your posts because I missed your beautiful flowers. I love the one you call Roma. It is really quite stunning. I wonder if it would survive in Colorado?

  2. Lovely bag Shaz and beautifully photographed.
    Had to get the machete out in the garden yesterday the triffids were starting to attack us.

  3. A wonderful bag ,which has made me feel quite guilty.My neighbour gave me lots of floral fabric, Sanderson included,and I recently sent it to a charity shop, so I hope somebody makes good use of it.


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