Saturday, 2 July 2011

Day Trip to the Big Smoke Part One Brompton Road Cemetery

I had a fabulous time looking around Brompton Road Cemetery in London yesterday. So easy to get to, go to West Brompton on the tube, turn right out of the station and you're there!

There were so many lovely statues it was hard to narrow down a few favourites to share with you.

This cemetery featured in the latest Sherlock Holmes movie with Robert Downey Jnr and it really has a great gothic feel to it.

Parts of it were wonderfully overgrown and other parts were being kept neat and tidy, but I loved seeing the ivies, bracken, wild sweet peas etc and hearing the crickets chirping away in the undergrowth.

Some great cracked and rusting textures were to be found, these from the side of a tomb.

I'd never seen the likes of this magnificent tomb before and I had to wonder if the body was in this structure or safely in the ground underneath.

Yup, the crow is for real in this shot, he added a wonderful, other worldly feel to the place, keeping his beady eye on us as we wandered around.

Just love the angels and as I've got another journal class coming up I can see them taking centre stage in it :)
It was unusual to find a male statue, a very handsome chap.

Some of the tombs were massive and so ornate. You could look through the bottom of the screen door and there was light flooding through the stained glass windows round the back that have some how evaded the vandels over the years.

I'm a great fan of cat statuary, this one reminding me of the one in Highgate Cemetery.

It was a glorious day and a fabulous cemetery, I'm sure to visit again but going to go on a Sunday when the Friends of Brompton Cemetery have a shop open on site so I can ask some details about some of the permenant residents.

Be back later to let you know about the rest of my trip. Have a great weekend, I'm resting my weary legs as we walked miles yesterday :)


  1. I find old cemeteries fascinating. We went to MontMartre when we were in Paris, that was amazing.

  2. What an interesting walk. Yes, I suppose using the Tube is easy enough for a Brit, but for this Yank, I found it most intimidating. I live in the flatlands of Colorado and traveling underground was quite unnatural for me. In fact, once when the train stopped, I had a panic attack. Never mind, however, I love reading about your adventures.

  3. I also love old graveyards,and since i was a child I have always wanted to visit them,especially Highgate. But I have always used my IBS as an excuse not to do anything. But here in Bristol we have a most magnificent Victorian cemetery which covers 45acres with 300,000 graves,I have passed by dozens of times and never been in as it was allowed to become derelict,but the council have taken it on and it is top of my to do list.

  4. wonderful journey through the graveyard It looks fantastic I love old graveyards very inspiring.........thanks for your good wishes ....i am catching up on blogging which is fun ...xx

  5. What a beautiful cemetery. I love looking at old tombstones. The sculptures are amazing.
    Thanks for the tour.
    ~ Julie

  6. What an interesting place! Didn't know about this...must put it on my 'to do' list :-)
    Great photos.


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