Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Journal Revealed

This journal started out as a blank journal in my head but then I just couldn't help myself. A little lace here, a button or two there....

out came the stamps, the Paperchase papers etc and the idea for creating a journal where my friend can keep her pre-raphaelite postcards (or not) was born.

I've created alot of pockets and ledges for things to be tucked into the journal.

I've also left alot of blank space for personalisation of the journal, and plenty of writings.

I've tucked in some postcards to indicate the way.

I had to pop in another fabric collage along the way, coupled with my favourite napkins

I'm now working on a couple of journal commissions, one with the theme of Peonies and the other, Hemingway.


  1. Merci ....its stunning .i love it so much ....i haven't even started mine yet .....x

  2. Wow, this is gorgeous! Love all the fabric's and embellishing!

  3. The Indian Journal is on its way to Mumbai as we speak. Your new journal is even fab-ber and so,so pretty.I think I want one of my own now too so will email you soon before all the other orders come flooding in!Lots of Love.x

  4. This is beautiful Sharon!

  5. It's lovely! I have so many scrapbooks and journals I would like to start. Just can't get my creative juices flowing. Have a wonderful Wednesday! Tammy

  6. I've been on holiday and have loved seeing all your art now that I'm back.
    Love your latest creations! Thanks for the inspiration,Sharon!


  7. Sharon thanks for your sweet comment on my book, your book is fantastic love the way you have decorated your pages, I just started Carole class, I want to learn have to make books from different teachers.

  8. This a a beautiful journal, Sharon and the image on the cover is one of my absolute favorites!


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