Saturday, 27 March 2010

Table Top Treasures

Went to a local church table top sale today and found some little treasures. The cat is Crown Derby, which my mum collects and it was a total snip at £10, I couldn't believe it. It was my mums birthday a few days ago so it can be an extra surprise pressie for her tomorrow.

The basket I think I'll use in my bathroom to store toiletries and it will match the picnic hampers I'm going to be using for towels and linens. The vintage books will be refashioned into picture frames and I'll use some of the faded, browned pages in my artwork. The ceramic cherubs, I'm undecided whether they will stay as is or be chipped off their plinths and end up coming up out of a mosaic mirror frame.

The charm necklace was a brilliant find as I was only thinking last night that I might try my hand at making a shrine for a mermaid and all the charms are linked to the sea - shells, an anchor, a ship's wheel, a sailing boat. Even the bookmark charm, which I've already taken off of the metal bookmark stick, can be used as the diamante slipper could be what the mermaid longs to be able to wear in her dreams. All in all a good day's shopping!


  1. I absolutely LOVE that little basket!!!

  2. What brilliant finds - I'm so envious!


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